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AIS002 2LP Reissue

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Franco Nanni’s ‘Elicoide’ is a lost gem of italian minimalism, previously released in 1987 only in few copies. Read on...

‘Elicoide’ was performed live in a rare exhibition during the summer of 1987 by an ensemble with Franco Nanni himself, Paolo Grandi, Leo Croatto and Marcela Pérez Silva. During the performance, a special version of “Poesia”, a song written by peruvian composer Daniel “Kiri” Escobar and re-arrangde by Nanni was presented for the first time on public domain. From the epic 15-minute opening of 'Mitochondria' up to the spacey pads of 'Linfociti' crossing the labyrinthine texture of closer 'Mitosi', Nanni showcases his idea of ­“Ascetic Trance” by referring the music of John Cage, Arvo Pärt and the Mediterranean Organic scene, creating a wide but focused range of timbral tones, bringing the listener into a complex but meditative out-of-mind experience. In the wake of recent resurgence and attention for records such as Midori Takada's Through The Looking Glass or Kim Cascone works as Heavenly Music Corporation it's just about time to put your hands on one of the best kept secret of the italian experimental heritage. Fans of now-classic modern labels like Music From Memory, Further Records and Kranky should take note and act before it's really too late. The reissue is presented in two discs: the first one contains the official repress of ‘Elicoide’, while the second vinyl includes four unbelievable extra tracks from the original sessions, unreleased until now and on vinyl for the first time plus the haunting recording of “Poesia”, which close the record